International Conference - Stevenson and Pleasure - 18-20 June 2020

Robert Louis Stevenson by Henry Walter Barnett bwProvisional programme subject to change

All sessions will take place at the “Maison de la Recherche” on the Pessac Campus (get off Tram B at the Montaigne-Montesquieu stop).

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Wednesday 17th June : Film evening at Cinéma Jean Eustache in Pessac (subject to confirmation)


Thursday 18th June

9h – 9h30 Welcome. Opening address by Nathalie Jaëck (CLIMAS) and Lesley Graham (LACES).

9h30-10h30 : Keynote address: Jean-Pierre Naugrette, Université Paris Sorbonne. ‘Stevenson and the pleasure of nightmares’.

10h30 : coffee break

11h – 12h30 Session 1 Pleasure and the art of fiction (salle des thèses)

· Richard Dury (Honorary fellow, University of Edinburgh): ‘Stevenson and Charm’.

· Richard Ambrosini (Université de Rome) : ‘R. L. Stevenson and Henry James's arts of fiction’.

· Robert Louis Abrahamson (University of Maryland). ‘The Pleasures of a Literary Vagrant’.

12h30 : Presentation of the the European Cultural Route ‘In the Footsteps of Robert Louis Stevenson’, followed by an apéritif.

13h00 – 14h00 : Lunch (buffet on site)

14h – 16h Session 2 Travel and the pleasures of the map (salle 33)

· Xavier Amelot (Université Bordeaux Montaigne) : ‘Itinérance cartographique et plaisir du texte’.

· Martin White (European Cultural Route): ‘The Hunting of the Snark Skelt’.

· Andrew Brown and Hervé Gournay (Société Historique de Maroilles) : ‘Robert Louis Stevenson and Pleasure in An Inland Voyage’.

· Kévin Cristin (Aix-Marseille Université): ‘An “invalid marching to and fro upon the roads”: pleasure and exertion in Robert Louis Stevenson’s early travel narratives’.

16h-16h30 : coffee break

16h30-18h : Session 3A Linguistic pleasures (salle des thèses)

· Kate Ashley (Acadia University, Canada): ‘Stevenson’s Comic Calques / La Comédie des calques chez Stevenson’.

· Caroline Crépin (Université de Lyon 3 et Paris 10). ‘Seeking and hiding: the linguistic concealment of pleasure in R. L. Stevenson’s work’.

· Neil Macara Brown (Independent scholar): ‘Making Hays on the beach: fun in names, and other frolics, in The Ebb Tide’.

16h30-18h Session 3B Pleasure and Childhood (Salle 33)

· Audrey Murfin (Sam Houston State University): ‘A ‘World of Moonshine’ and the Pleasures of Imagination: Stevenson’s Theories of Childhood’.

· Mark J. Sanderson (Independent scholar). ‘”If studious youth no longer crave”: Is Treasure Island relevant for young people in the 21st Century?’

· Maki Sadahiro (Meijigakuin University, Japan). ‘Management of Pleasure: R. L. Stevenson and the Construction of American Children’s Literature’.

19h. Cocktail reception


Friday 19th June

9h – 10h30 Session 4 The Pleasures of the Shorter Text.

· Burkhard Niederhoff (University of Bochum, Germany): ‘The Pleasure of the Intertext: Aesthetic Self-Fashioning in “Providence and the Guitar”’.

· Lena Linne (Ruhr University Bochum): ‘[A] gaming-table, a duel, and a Roman amphitheatre”? Pleasure and the Suicide Club’.

· Patrick Antoniol (Professeur agrégé): ‘Plaisir d’écrire, plaisir de lire, plaisir de classe : où sont les vrais plaisirs ? dans The Body Snatcher ’.

10h30 : coffee break

11h – 13h Session 5 The pleasures of the text.

· Penny Fielding (University of Edinburgh). ‘Guilty Pleasures: Stevenson and Popular Fiction’.

· Stéphanie Ravez (Université Bordeaux Montaigne): ‘A Dog’s Life: Pleasure and Conscience in Stevenson’s Underwoods’.

· Duncan Milne (Napier University). ‘Pleasure and the Pre-Modernist: Generic Ambivalence in The Master of Ballantrae’.

· Glenda Norquay (Liverpool John Moores University): ‘Stevenson and “The Pleasures of Performance”’.

13h – 14h Buffet lunch

13h30 'An Apology for Idlers': a presentation with a dramatic reading by Robert-Louis Abrahamson and Richard Dury outside the Maison de la recherche.

14h – 16h Session 6 Pleasure and literary correspondence/collaboration

· Hilary J Beattie (Columbia University, NY): ‘The pleasures and the perils of collaboration: Robert Louis Stevenson, Belle Strong and Graham Balfour, in Samoa and beyond’.

· Michael Shaw (University of Stirling) ‘‘”Tis Then There Would be Larks”: The Imagined Meetings of Robert Louis Stevenson and J. M. Barrie’.

· Thomson Moore Prentice (independent scholar): ‘Love In The Time Of Calvinism: The Illicit Romances Of Robert Louis Stevenson’.

· Mafalda Cippione (Perugia Museum, Italy). ‘I was quite out of my mind with delight. The Mentonese letters’.

16h– 16h30 coffee break

16h30 – 18h Session 7A Regulating pleasure (salle des thèses)

· Adam Kozaczka (Texas A&M International University): ‘Reenacting the “Excitements” of Eighteenth-Century Scots Law in Stevenson’s Historical Novels.

· Matthew Kaiser (University of California, Merced): ‘The Anti-Eugenic Pleasures of Robert Louis Stevenson’.

· Lucio de Capitani (Ca’ Foscari University of Venice): ‘“Greedy of all Pleasures”/ “Divinely Free from Malice”: Enjoyment and Ethics in Stevenson and Melville’.

16h30 – 18h Session 7B Thrilling pleasures (salle 033)

· Linda Dryden (Napier University). “‘”I had learned to dwell with pleasure, as a beloved daydream, on the thought of the separation of these elements’: The thrill of being Mr Hyde”.

· Gilles Ménégaldo (Université de Poitiers) : ‘Dreadful Pleasures in Some Filmic Adaptations of "The Body Snatcher" (1881) and The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde (1886)’

· Mathilde Giret (Université Bordeaux Montaigne) : ‘Science is the New Religion : Re-thinking Pleasure through Science in Stevenson’s Tales of Terror’.

20h. Conference dinner, restaurant La Belle Epoque (registration required)


Saturday 20th June

9h30 – 10h30 Keynote address : Michel Le Bris.

10h30 : coffee break

11h – 13h Session 8A The Pleasures of the Pacific (Salle des theses)

· Catherine Mathews (Independent Scholar and lawyer, Sydney, Australia): ‘The ‘Splendid Gift’, the ‘Exquisite Pleasure’ and ‘the Lesson of’ the Road of Gratitude (the Road of Loving Hearts): Robert Louis Stevenson’s Address to the Samoan Chiefs, Vailima (7 October 1894)’.

· Sylvie Ortega (University of Tahiti): ‘The Beach of Falesá – the pleasure of writing/reading’.

· Jacqueline Dillion (Pepperdine University). ‘“My Conscience Smote Me”: The Shames of Pleasure in The Beach of Falesá’.

· Tim Hayes (Chowan University, North Carolina). ‘The problem with Huish: Class Prejudice and disgust in The Ebb-Tide’.

11h – 13h Session 8B Pleasures and Popular Culture (Salle 033)

· Jean-Paul Gabilliet (Université Bordeaux Montaigne): ‘How Charles Crumb’s childhood obsession with Stevenson’s Treasure Island finally drove him crazy’.

· Nicolas Labarre (Université Bordeaux Montaigne). ‘Playing the classics? The strange case of the Jekyll and Hyde video game adaptations’.

· Nicolas Champ ( Université Bordeaux Montaigne) : ‘Le plaisir de l’adaptation de Treasure Island’.

· Lionel Larré (Université Bordeaux Montaigne). ‘Guilty pleasures and representing the Indians’.

13h00 – 14h00 Lunch (buffet on site)

14h. Excursion to Saint-Emilion (registration required)

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