The Photographer as Autobiographer - Arnaud SCHMITT

couv The Photographer as AutobiographerPalgrave Studies in Life Writing (Palgrave Macmillan)
September 2022 294pp

ISBN: 978-3-031-08855-1

This book explores hybrid memoirs, combining text and images, authored by photographers. It contextualizes this sub-category of life writing from a historical perspective within the overall context of life writing, before taking a structural and cognitive approach to the text/image relationship. While autobiographers use photographs primarily for their illustrative or referential function, photographers have a much more complex interaction with pictures in their autobiographical accounts. This book studies how the visual aspect of a memoir may drastically alter the reader’s response to the work, but also how, in other cases, the visual parts seem disconnected from the text or underused.

Table of Contents

1- Introduction (Pages 1-14)

2- The I of the Photographer: A Historical Perspective (Pages 15-64)

3- A Structural Approach to Photographers’ Memoirs (Pages 65-142)

4- A Cognitive Approach to Photographers’ Memoirs (Pages 143-230)

5- Hold Still (Pages 231-270)

6- Conclusion (Pages 271-278)

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