Oral interaction : an educational and discourse-pragmatic approach, 8 & 9 décembre 2021

Annonce Laurent ROUVEYROL, Université de Nice

8 & 9 décembre  2021 

Oral interaction : an educational and discourse-pragmatic approach

The aim of this presentation is to present a discourse pragmatic-approach specifically conceived to deal with political televised debates.  It is believed that interaction is the “fundamental reality of language” (Bakhtine), and as such, it must be addressed when discourse is under linguistic scrutiny. One of the defining features of interaction is its dynamics: the progression is unstable, made of breaks and direction changes. In the case of televised debates, the presence of cameras and the fact that the communication contract is not subject to evolution tends to minimize interactional instability. Yet, “it takes two to tango” and participants have to adapt to one another in order to co-construct the interactional event. This adaptation process bears the name of accommodation and it will be the main focus of the presentation. How can we define it?   How is it marked in the corpus? Is it possible to identify cases of non-accommodation?   How can the concept be applied to language teaching? These are the various questions that we will try to answer during the seminar.  

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